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Your safety and the safety of your family, customers, and furry friends is our top priority. “Common-sense safe℠” is a term we use to refer to the safety of our products when used for treatments and how you should act around them.

Product manufacturers state that our products are considered safe when applied properly by a professional and/or when dry. This means that you, and even your small or furry friends, should exercise caution when around them after a treatment. You don’t need to leave your home – this is a common misconception about pest control treatments that usually refers to “bug bombing” a home, which is not a type of service we offer. Instead, you should simply use common-sense practices like letting the product fully dry, not over-exposing your skin (like rubbing up against treated areas too often), and not eating or drinking from treated areas.

We often get this request, and understand a customer’s perspective on why this may be desired. The truth is, however, that one-time treatments simply don’t work.

Nearly all professional products on the market are not “on-contact killers,” meaning, they will take some time to kill off a pest. This is by design, as it is targeting the pests’ nest, and not necessarily the pest itself. For example – killing off a couple ants within the home may look like a temporary solution. In the long run, though, you’re not taking out the source of the problem – the colony.

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